Grassy Creek Regional Park

Grassy Creek Regional Park was established in 2006. The park, formerly known as the German Church and 30th Park, is 175 acres of mixed-use park. The north side of the park is mostly wetlands and lowlands. The western end is wooded and the eastern end is flat and was used as crop field in recent history. Grassy Creek bisects the middle of the property, from north to south. The area provides habitat for many species of migratory and nesting birds, beaver, muskrat, fish, turtles, and frogs. Kept in a natural state, it provides an excellent location for nature education and is uniquely suited to passive recreational uses, such as hiking, picnicking and bird watching. Grassy Creek Regional Park is unusual in that it includes a portion of the environmentally significant Grassy Creek conservation corridor.

Also of note is the abandoned railroad. All train track has been removed and the land, raised a good 6 to 8 feet above the surrounding grade, acts as a dyke for the Grassy Creek wetland to the north. This east-west corridor has potential for a future greenway trail. A north-south, paved greenways trail was put into the park in 2017. The trail necessitated the purchase of a parcel of land east of Grassy Creek to link the two sections of the park. The south area of the park on 30th Street contains active recreation sports fields, tennis courts, shelter, playground and spray park.

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