Bean Creek

Bean Creek

Bean Creek is located within Garfield Park. The address for the closest park entrance is:

2345 Pagoda Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

You must attend the event for which you are registered.

Work day description: Participants will work with Indy Parks and Recreation, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the Friends of Garfield Park to plant trees and clean the area around the creek of invasive species, and debris.

Meeting location: Please meet in the Burello Family Center parking lot off Pagoda Drive.

Participants must wear clothes appropriate for outdoor field work. Long pants and closed toe shoes are required (no Crocs, Keens, or similar type). Water, granola bars, gloves, and equipment will be provided.

At the end of this event, you will be asked to complete a reflective essay that will be returned to you the following week and serve as your proof of attendance.